Your Cow Book on a PDA

The Palm CowRecords Program was developed to fill the void of producers wanting to collect and maintain cattle records, but who were not ready to invest in a large production management software package.  This program allows the user to enter and update individual animal records on a Palm powered PDA.  The program allows the user to enter, Calving, Breeding, Weaning, Pregnancy Check , and Permanent Dam Disposal data on an unlimited number of animals. 

The Palm CalfRecords Program was developed to allow for the collecting of calving data after weaning.  The CowRecords program allows the collecting of Calving and Weaning data for calves. But for producers that retain ownership of those calves after weaning, the CalfRecords program allows collecting additional weighs/measurements and health data for Replacement Heifer and Development Bull entities as well as for those calves going to a Feedlot. 

When the Palm is HotSynced with a PC, the data is automatically stored in a MS Access Database, and converted to a file that can be viewed/edited with MS Excel. Users that have MS Access can export updated records to the Palm. Though MS Access is NOT required to make the program work.

Only one production year is stored on the Palm, though, you can save historical data on the PC by simply saving the CowRecords data files with a different file name.

For the user that eventually desire to upgrade to a more thorough production management software program, CowRecords data can be imported directly into CowCalf5 Herd Health Management Software. CowCalf5 has an automatic import feature to import CowRecords data.

Looking For Something More

CowCalf5If you are looking for a full function/multi year cow-calf production record system, then you should check out CowCalf5.

Records collected with CowRecords can automatically be imported into CowCalf5.

Why CowRecords?

  • eliminate data entry
  • sync directly to excel
  • unlimited # of animals
  • EID reader compatible
  • easy to learn/use

Whats New

2/1/09 - Palm CalfRecords can now be imported directly into CowCalf5

CowCalf5 can now import feedlot, heifer, and bull development records. This includes both the production data collected, like pregnancy checking, weights, and measurements, as well as health data. See CowCalf5 Updates for the files need to upgrade CowCalf5.


CowRecords and CalfRecords will now work with the Psion WorkAbout Pro. The WorkAbout Pro is a Window CE device with a built-in EID Reader.


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